Tip #1

Use food tracker apps to help you stay accountable from a diet and exercise perspective. There are a multitude of options out there to chose from that are free and easy to use.

Tip #2

Planning is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Plan your meals and workouts for the week so you can limit your excuses and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Tip #3

If you find yourself wanting to snack in the evening try brushing your teeth to curtail the urge to snack.

Tip #4

If you sleep with your technology, make sure you dim the screen down to a low setting so the device doesn’t interfere with melatonin secretion and disrupt your sleep.

Tip #5

Eat breakfast everyday. Aim for 200-300 calories. Try to eat a complex carbohydrate paired with a protein (such as an egg or turkey bacon).

Tip #6

Try a new piece of training equipment at the gym such as TRX suspension straps or the BOSU. Don’t be afraid to step outside your exercise box.

Tip #7

Before going out to dinner, check to see if the restaurant you are going to has nutrition information online so you can make a smart choice when ordering food.

Tip #8

Drink lots of water. Aim for 64 ounces a day.

Tip #9

Make sure to stretch after working out. Hold each stretch for 40 seconds to 1 minute to ensure you get a proper stretch.

Tip #10

Try to eat every 2-3 hours. This will keep your metabolism working at optimal speed.

Tip #11

Aim for 150 active minutes a week. This breaks down to about 25 minutes a day of moderate to intense physical activity seven days a week.