5 Healthy Holiday Gifts to Yourself

  The month of December is filled with hustle and bustle.  It is also the season of giving.  With all of this giving don’t forget to give back to yourself.  Here is a list of 5 great ways to give back to yourself for a healthier and happier you.   Be kind to others. You […]

Navigating the grocery store… and coming out thin

This week’s subject is on the grocery store.    You know how to save money there, but do you know how to save your diet?   Consider this: Read food labels!  When considering your food purchases turn the container around and look at the label. Don’t know what to look for?  Start with the basics such as serving size.  […]

The Fitbit Surge- the Pros and Cons

I recently purchased a Fitbit Surge to see what it was really like.  If you quit reading right now the take home message would be this: I like it for some features, but honestly you can get those features for a lot cheaper. In my opinion, the surge isn’t worth the money.  Here is my […]

Strength Training Techniques to Break Through Plateaus

Hitting strength training plateaus is never fun. This blog features four strength training protocols that can help you push past plateaus and increase strength gains. 1: PUSH/PULL:   Using this technique you work opposing muscle groups back to back, or on back to back training days. For example, a chest exercise is followed by a back […]

Avoid, Treat and Manage Sciatic Pain: Tips that help

  If you have had sciatica, you know how painful it can be. The pain is generally in the lower back and can shoot all throughout the buttocks and even down the leg to the foot. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body that originates in the spinal column of the lower […]