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I recently purchased a Fitbit Surge to see what it was really like.  If you quit reading right now the take home message would be this: I like it for some features, but honestly you can get those features for a lot cheaper. In my opinion, the surge isn’t worth the money.  Here is my list of the Surge’s pros and cons.

Pros:   -Easy to set up and use the Fitbit and the app that goes along with it

-Like being able to read texts as they come in and scroll through previous texts on the watch

-The pedometer, distance, and floors features are useful tools to map movement/activity on a daily basis

-It tracks distances on runs/walks and has a little map on the app so you can see your route

Cons:   -when people say its “big”, it’s because it’s HUGE on your wrist and can actually get in the way during certain activities

-it doesn’t sync very well at all, especially with programs such as MyFitnessPal

BUT MY BIGGEST ISSUE with the Surge is:

-it is grossly inaccurate at measuring heart rate during exercise and as a result, it under reports the number of calories burned during workouts.  I have been an avid Polar Heart Rate monitor wearer for over 10 years, so I have an idea how many calories I am burning during my workouts.  The Surge general reports my calorie burn anywhere from 75-150 calories lower than what I am pretty sure I am actually burning.  I feel this is largely due to false heart rate readings during exercise.  There are times when I know my heart rate is up in the 140’s-150’s and the Surge is reading my heart rate as less than 110 BPM.  Since caloric burn is a direct result of intensity (i.e. heart rate), I know the counts are incorrect.  This is extremely frustrating when trying to accurately log calories consumed vs. calories burned.


While it’s been a fun experiment, save your money and buy a Polar, at least until Fitbit figures these issue out.


Sophie Pratola


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