If you are anything like me you love some garlic in almost everything you eat. It turns out garlic is a useful herb that is part of the Allium family. Not only does garlic add a lot of flavor to foods, but it also produces a compound known as Allicin which is a sulfur compound that provides garlic’s distinct aroma, and also contributes to its medicinal benefits. In addition to helping prevent a multitude of cancers, being beneficial for protecting the heart, reducing preterm labor, and helping prevent hip osteoarthritis in women, it also has antioxidant properties, antifungal affects, anti-inflammatory benefits, and other uses you wouldn’t even imagine. Here are some of the health benefits:


-helps to treat/prevent the common cold

-helps kill the bacteria of acne when topically applied


-treats athlete’s foot, ring worm, and jock itch when crushed garlic is added to a warm bath


-can help treat psoriasis

-can reduce the pain and swelling caused by a cold sore


In addition garlic can also be used to help in these situations:

-as a mosquito repellent

-to help control weight

-as a natural glue to repair hairline cracks in glass

-as a treatment for splinters

-to de-ice a sidewalk (in the form of garlic salt)

-to help catch more fish while fishing

-as a natural pesticide in gardens

-to help regrow hair along the hair line (when applied topically)


Next time you are in the produce isle pick up a bulb of garlic to spice up your life!




Sophie Pratola


Personally Trained By Sophie