February is healthy heart month! One of many ways to keep your heart healthy is to make sure you exercise for 30 minutes most days of the week. So this week’s post is going to feature 5 heart healthy exercises that you can do at home with stairs and one set of medium to heavy hand weights. Repeat these 5 exercises until you accumulate 30 minutes.


  1. Do one jumping jack, 1 push up, followed by 1 mountain climber. Repeat for 10-15 reps
  2. In a plank position, place 1 hand on each weight. Do 1 push up, row the right weight, then do another push up and do a row on the left side. Then jump feet in, stand up with weights in hand. While standing up, pull the weights up to shoulder level and then press them overhead. Lower the weights, squat back down and jump feet out to the starting position. Repeat 9 more times.
  3. Burpees with a broad jump forward and back. 10x
  4. Place hands behind you on a surface (such as a chair or step), do 5 triceps dips then do 1 squat jump. Do 4 sets of 5 dips and 1 squat jump.
  5. Stand at base of stairs. Jump up 2 stairs then step back down one step. So you go up two, down one the whole set of stairs




Sophie Pratola


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