Part two of making 2015 the year of the push up is here! This post offers 10 variations of pushups guaranteed to prevent pushup boredom. I have ordered the list from easy modifications to difficult. Based on  the pictures above you can see there are more than just 10 variations, but these will get you started!

  1. Wall or table pushups: A push up against a surface other than the floor such as a wall or table.
  2. Knee pushups: This is a normal push up, just on your knees instead of your feet.
  3. Wide pushups: In a full plank position placing arms wide.
  4. Elbows in pushups: Bring arms in tight to your body and keep elbows locked to your sides as you lower.
  5. Three phase pushups: In a regular push up position lower to 90 degrees. Hold it for a second, then lower the rest of the way to the floor; hold there for a second. Finally, push back to the starting position.
  6. Diamond pushups: Make a diamond shape with thumb and forefingers. Lift your hips up in the air (in a position similar to downward dog in yoga). Bend your elbows until your head is almost on the floor in the middle of the diamond. Some people refer to these as triangle pushups or Hershey kiss pushups depending on whether your hands are in the shape of a diamond or a triangle.
  7. Feet elevated pushups: place feet up on an elevated surface such as a bench (or even a wall) and do a normal push up.
  8. Hands between two objects: put each hand on a raised surface (such as 2 medicine balls) and lower for push up. The chest ends lower than the body which increases the range of motion, thus increasing the difficulty.
  9. Hindu pushups (swoop push up): Start in a normal full plank, push back to downward dog, lower head down to ground and then drop hips/stomach down and forward until you end up in an arched plank with hips/stomach down (cobra position). Return to downward dog position by lifting stomach/hips and swooping through a low push up position until you push all the way back to the downward dog.
  10. Plyometric pushups/clapping pushups: From a regular push up position, lower and then explode on the way up so your hands leave the ground. You may choose to clap.




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