Welcome to December, that brutal last month of the year filled with cookies, holiday parties and so much to do in so little time that your waist line is the one that pays the ultimate price. Let’s be real, when life gets hectic the first thing to go is exercise. Unfortunately, along with all the holiday cheer comes a lot of extra empty calories. So let’s head into the month with a game plan.
First things first, KEEP EXERCISING! I don’t care if it is ten minutes. It’s better than nothing.  There are two huge incentives for keeping up with your regular exercise regimen. The first, is that it will help keep the holiday weight gain to a minimum by burning some of those excess calories. The second, is that this time of year is associated with a lot of stress, and exercise can help keep stress hormones in check.
Next holiday helpful tip is to PLAN AHEAD! If you know you have a social event that will have tempting food and drink, be prepared! I recommend eating a small, healthy meal or snack before leaving. That way, you will be fuller and less likely to overindulge because you are too hungry.  Also, try checking out ALL of  the food at the function before deciding on only one or two items that you really want.  Then make a plate, eat what is on the plate, throw it away, and then don’t graze.  Position yourself away from the food.  If you don’t stand near it you can’t pick at it.  If you are planning on drinking, remember to account for those calories as well.

My final tip is that is important to plan ahead while you are dashing about doing your last minute shopping.  Always carry water with you and keep a healthy snack in your purse or car. I recommend a granola bar or trail mix. Each of these will have some protein and carbs to keep you powering through those crowds at the mall.


Sophie Pratola

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