Halloween workout

Here is a spooky little total body workout to help you burn off all the candy you have stolen out of your children’s trick or treat bags.  It can be done at home with very little equipment.  All you need are two sets of weights, one heavy set and one light set.  When doing this workout you can either do each exercise back to back or switch it up by placing some sort of cardio (think stair runs or burpees) in between each letter. If you run through this list three times and add in some cardio, it is a great total body workout.  I have included a couple of photos to help clarify some of the exercises. 


Do 15 of each exercise:


H: Hammer bicep curls (bicep curl with thumbs up to ceiling)



A: Alternating bent rows (15 R/L) (keep back flat & squeeze shoulder blade at top)



L: Lunges (one side at a time) (keep weight in the front heel as you push back to two feet)


L: Lateral shoulder raise


O: Oblique crunch (legs straight up in air, reach towards outside of opposite foot, count is 1,1)



W: Wide hand pushups (keep abs tight in plank, don’t let back sag)



E: Extension of back (in prone position) with triceps press back


E: Externally rotating shoulder lifts (lay on side)


N: Narrow stance squats (feet together weight in heels as you squat)







Sophie Pratola
Personally Trained By Sophie