Add intensity to your workouts try boxing!

Add intensity to your workouts try boxing!

Today’s blog contains my top 15 training tips to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Weigh your food to ensure proper portion sizes.  Then, log your food because all the exercise in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t know what and how much food you are eating.  Remember, no food is off limits; you can still have success if you eat what you want in moderation and log it.  It is IMPORTANT to log even on “bad days” because knowing how many calories you went over keeps you accountable and will let you know how good you need to be tomorrow.
  3. Forgive yourself for bad days and remember life ebbs and flows.  Sometimes your commitment level will be lower than other times.   Every day is a new day.
  4. There are NO EXCUSES!  Eliminate excuses by scheduling your menu and daily activity/workouts into your day or week.
  5. Know yourself.  Know what kind of eater you are (stressed, bored, tired etc.).  Also, know what time of day is the most ideal for a workout for you.  Know your limitations and what exercises aggravate injuries.  Know modifications that will ensure the most productive and safest workouts.
  6. Add high intensity intervals to your workouts.
  7. Wear a heart rate monitor so you can get the calories and other pertinent information from your workout.
  8. Take ½ of your meal home with you when you eat out.  Order the “to go” box at the same time you order your food.  Then put half of the meal in the box as soon as it arrives so you aren’t tempted to pick.
  9. Try new workouts or exercises that push you past your comfort zone.
  10. Listen to your body!  Don’t let little ouches become big injuries.  Take time to stretch (hold stretches for 30-45seconds).  Do rehab days when necessary and when in doubt, always ice.
  11. All your self-doubt is just noise in your head standing in the way of your goals.  Where there is a will, there is a way.
  12. Use a mirror when you workout.  It will help you maintain proper form.  When you look in the mirror think “masses and spaces”.  This means to keep your masses high (like your head) and your spaces (your neck and torso) elongated.
  13. Breathe when you exercise.  Exhale on the exertion and inhale on the recovery.
  14. Put your dinner on a smaller plate; load ½ the plate with veggies, then add your meat and carbohydrate.
  15. Trust the weight loss process.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your metabolism to kick in and for weight loss to start.  Be consistent and it will happen, but be warned, if you slip up your body will stop trusting you and you may have to start the process over.




Sophie Pratola
Personally Trained By Sophie



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