Exercise plateaus occur when you go through a period of two or more consecutive weeks without any weight loss.  They occur because you metabolism has slowed down due to the weight you have already lost.  As a general rule of thumb, remember the less you weigh the harder you have to work to burn the same number of calories you burned when you were heavier.  So how do you rev your metabolism back up so you can continue to have weight loss results?   You need to either add more exercise/activity or eat fewer calories (not less than 1200).  Follow these tips to ensure you don’t get stuck on a plateau.



  • Add weights to your workouts if you aren’t doing so already.  When you lift you build muscles which helps you burn more calories
  • Drink more water.  Water may help increase metabolic rate and also helps eliminate toxins released when fat cells shrink
  • Add high intensity bursts into your workouts to maximize calories burned
  • Add 5-10 minutes onto each workout
  • Vary your exercise routine to eliminate boredom and challenge your muscles
  • Increase your dietary fiber and protein
  • Make sure you are tracking every morsel of food you are eating and aren’t underestimating the number of calories you are consuming.  Also, make sure portion sizes haven’t gotten larger than they should be
  • Get motivated by either using new apps,  getting a training buddy, trying out new pieces of equipment, or new types of workouts
  • Move more. Consider wearing a pedometer to track steps
  • Watch out for overeating/drinking at restaurants
  • Try yoga to manage stress and keep stress eating under control
  • Never give up!




Sophie Pratola
Personally Trained By Sophie