Nutrition tracker apps can be a useful tool for weight loss

Nutrition tracker apps can be a useful tool for weight loss


      Nowadays everyone seems to have some sort of smart phone, so the tools for weight loss are at your fingertips.  Food tracking apps are great because they are easy to use, easily uploaded to your technology, and allow you to track what you’ve eaten and your physical activity.  Plus, studies have found dieters who use apps are more successful than those who don’t.  There are a multitude of FREE food tracking apps out there, but which ones are the best?  The following is a review of a few of the free apps available. 

SPARK PEOPLE:  Provides a full weekly menu and access to a companion site that offers menus with grocery lists, workout videos and message boards which make it easy to share tips and find social support.  This app also has a GPS tracker so you can use it for walks and runs.  Unfortunately, this site tends to have many glitches.

MY PLATE BY LIVESTRONG:  Has a data base of over 625,000 foods and 1,500 exercises.  You can also write in an online food diary, get nutrition charts and graphs, find daily motivational tips and social support, and you can even export and print out your data to bring to the doctor.

LOSE IT:  Allows you to scan barcodes of food for easy logging.  You can set up weight loss goals and fitness challenges for yourself, share food, recipes, and progress with your friends, and link the account with other devices such as pedometers and scales.  You can get a weekly report to print or share with others.

MYFITNESSPAL:  This one happens to be my favorite and the one I recommend to all my clients.  This app has the largest food data base of any of the apps out there.  What I personally love about it is if you cook, it has the recipes from certain magazines already in the data base (Cooking Light recipes are in there!).  It also allows you to use social networking for motivation, scan bar codes, and has charts and graphs to track progress.  Another thing I like about it is when you complete your entry for the day it tells you, “if every day were like today, you would weight X lbs. in 5 weeks”.   It also remembers the foods you regularly eat and let’s your create recipes which you can share with your friends.




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