Tabatas have been all the rage in the fitness world for some time now.  However, it is time to look towards a new, high intensity interval training protocol. 

            In 2012, two Danish researchers named Gunnerson and Bangsbo created training intervals suitable for all to use.  Their formula used a 10-20-30 approach.  Basically you do an easy (low intensity) exercise for 30 seconds, immediately followed by a moderate intensity exercise for 20 seconds, and then do a high intensity exercise for 10 seconds.  This is one round. The sequence is repeated up to 5 times for a total of 5 minutes.  The idea is that the exercises seem more difficult each time you complete a round. Your low intensity exercise becomes more moderate, moderate becomes hard, and hard becomes extremely difficult.

It is recommended that clients unfamiliar with this methodology of training start off by trying it one time a week and then progress the frequency as tolerated.  Also, it is encouraged that the Borg scale for exertion be used to monitor intensity levels if a heart rate monitor is unavailable.

            So why try this training protocol?  Results!!!  The scientists determined participants were able to increase their performance and reduce their blood pressure and cholesterol levels in just 7 weeks.   Basically 5 minutes of training a day could produce health and fitness benefits and proved to be a more effective and efficient way to workout.  This training method is not for the weak, but if you want to try it, here is a sample of their protocol.


Sample round:

30 seconds of skipping forward and jogging back (back pedal) (at an easy level or light intensity)

20 seconds of jack squats (squats on the wide phase then jump feet together) (at a medium level/intensity)

10 seconds of burpees (at a high intensity/difficulty level)

Repeat 4 more times:



Sophie Pratola
Personally Trained By Sophie