fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are the new fad, but how do you pick one appropriate for your fitness needs?  The key is to do your homework.   Each device offers many features, so make sure you pick the one that will give you the information you are looking for.  If you are looking to track specific workout statistics like instantaneous heart rate, these devices are not going to provide you with that information.  However, they do offer a variety of features (depending on the device) such as sleep monitoring, calorie burns, steps taken, steps climbed, active time, and distance traveled.

 Many devices don’t have screens and require you to upload information either to your smart phone or computer to get your results.  Some of them need to be plugged directly into your devices for read outs, and others sync within certain time periods which can be frustrating when you want instant results.  Be aware that some of these devices may not be compatible certain phones (for example the Nike Fuel Band doesn’t work with an android system).  Some devices are water resistant or water proof. They can either be clipped on or can be worn as a bracelet or watch.  However, I have read reviews about the quality of the bracelets saying they may fall off or break easily; so beware. 

Another thing to keep in mind is when you start to get techy things often can go wrong. If you are like me and something like that frustrates you more than benefits you, you might be better off going old school.  So if you want to try one of these fancy gizmos do your research, read reviews, and be ready for a learning curve while using them.


Sophie Pratola

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