Tis the season to be jolly, and gain weight! Here are 12 easy tips to follow so your 12 days of Christmas don’t lead to 12 extra pounds.

1.       Only bake what you really, really like so you don’t end up eating treats that aren’t your favorites.

2.      If you MUST bake, give most of it away to friends, neighbors and coworkers.

3.      Only bake ONCE.  Decide what you are going to make and spend one day baking.  If you run out of cookies and sweets, too bad, don’t make more!

4.      Try not to sample while baking.

5.      Stay away from all the extra office goodies people are bringing from home.  Stay out of common areas like conference rooms and office kitchens where people leave their baked goods.  If you don’t go in there, you won’t eat them.

6.      Watch out for egg nog.  There are a lot of hidden calories in egg nogs, especially homemade ones and ones with alcohol.

7.      Always have a healthy snack with you either in your purse or car for when you get stuck in traffic or are out later than expected Christmas shopping.

8.      Park extra far so you have to walk to get to the store’s entrance.  As an added bonus, the traffic getting out of the parking lot will be far less stressful.

9.      Stay hydrated, sip on water while wrapping gifts.

10.  Keep tabs on your weight.  If you normally weigh yourself, continue your normal weighing habits over the holidays.  This way you will know if things start to spiral out of control.

11.  Remember, maintaining your weight during this time of the year is a victory.

And last but not least….





When all else fails contact a professional who can help get you back on track!

Sophie Pratola


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