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Tis the season to be busy, but there is NEVER an excuse not to exercise. So today I present you with a list of 12 exercises you can do at home with no equipment required.  If you are feeling festive, you can even do a 12 days of Christmas workout with them.  In this workout you would have 1 exercise represent each “day”.  For example, if the first day was a plank hold you could do a 1 minute plank hold, then on day two you could do 2 squat jumps followed by 1 one minute plank hold.  On the 3rd day of Christmas you could do 3 burpees, followed by 2 squat jumps, and a one minute plank hold.  You get the gist.  Have fun with it.  I guarantee this would be a challenging workout that would take between 45minutes and one hour.  Let’s build from there…

The 12 Exercises of Christmas (no equipment required!)

1.      One minute plank hold or 1 minute of crunches

2.      Squat jumps

3.      burpees

4.      Lateral shuffles (add squat jumps at the end to increase the intensity

5.      Mountain climbers (left and right for a total of 10)

6.      Push ups

7.      Triceps dips

8.      Jumping lunges (left and right for a total of 16)

9.      Reverse crunches

10.  Back extensions

11.  Jumping jacks

12.  Reverse lunges (left and right for a total of 24)


Sophie Pratola


Personally Trained By Sophie