IMG_8640This week’s topic is on must haves for home exercising.

  1. The first must have is comfortable clothes and good sneakers.  Working out isn’t about fashion, it is about comfort.   So dress to sweat, but not to overheat.  Make sure you have a sneaker that is appropriate for your foot.  Go to a running store and get fitted for the right type of shoe for your foot.
  2. The second must have is water.  It baffles me how people can work out without water.  You need to keep hydrated while exercising.  You don’t need a sports drink with all those extra calories and sugar.  The only people who really need electrolyte replacement are people who are participating in long bouts of continuous exercise (> 1 hour, think training for long distance running).  However, if you can’t stomach plain water, then get flavored water but look out for those hidden extra calories.
  3. I recommend having a couple sets of light hand weights (somewhere between 3 and 10lbs depending on your fitness level) and one set of heavier weights (between 10 and 20lbs).
  4.  Another must have is a stability ball.   There are a TON of exercises to do with these balls and you can work every major muscle group with them.
  5. A good mat is also a must have.  It will keep you from sweating on your carpet and offers a little extra protection between you and the floor.
  6. The next must have piece of equipment is a resistance band.  Resistance bands come in a variety of resistances so you can pick the resistance which is best suited for your fitness level.  Much like the ball, the band is a great tool for working every muscle group.
  7. The final must have is a foam roller.  Many people look at these things (which look like a solid foam cylinder) and wonder, “what on earth do you do with that?”   You can use them for many exercises, but more importantly, they are great for injuries and soreness.  When you get sore, roll on the foam roll and break up the muscle tissue.  It is like your own personal deep tissue massage.

Sophie Pratola