Looking for a way to intensify your workout?  You need to try Tabata training!  Tabatas are designed to provide an intense workout in a short amount of time.  The protocol involves picking one exercise that targets a large muscle group, or an exercise that targets multiple muscle groups at the same time.  Some examples of great exercise choices for doing a Tabata may include but are not limited to the following: pushups, lunges (regular or jumping), squat jumps, planks, or a squat with a medicine ball slam down.  To perform the Tabata, you pick one exercise and do that exercise for 20 seconds.  Then rest for 10 seconds.  You repeat the 20/10 second cycle 8 times total.  While Tabata training, it is ok to do several different exercise sets.  Recently, I did 4 different Tabatas back to back and was sorer than I am from one of my usual 90 minute workouts.  So you can see 16 minutes vs. 90 minutes can really save you time AND be highly effective.

            According to September 2013’s issue of IDEA Fitness Journal, a study of 12 women and 3 men was conducted where they measured each of their caloric expenditure before, during, and 30 minutes post Tabata training.  What they found was that during the workout the participants burned 13.5 calories per minute, and 30 minutes after the workout they were still burning double the calories they were burning before doing the Tabata.  They concluded “it would take five times the amount of typical cardio to shed the same number of calories burned in one 4-minute Tabata”.  However, the authors cautioned people wanting to try this method of training to warm up sufficiently, and work up to all 8 sets if necessary.


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Sophie Pratola



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