Hello readers, remember me?  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.    Summers can be tough with kids out of school and schedules being disrupted by vacations.  I hope that all of you have been keeping up with your workouts at least.  Todays post is going to be about weekends.  You work so hard during the week eating right and exercising and then the weekend hits and it is hello overindulging.  Today I am going to offer some tips to keep your diet and exercise in check over the weekend.

Tip One: Try to keep your schedule as close to your weekly schedule as possible.  For example, if you normally work out at 6 in the morning do that at least one of the weekend days.  You can always take a nap later in the day, but you probably won’t want to.  Think of it as a jump start to your day.  If you absolutely can’t work out at your normal time, make sure you get a work out in somewhere on either of the two days or preferably both days.

Tip Two: Try to keep your diet the same as it is during the week.  If you have a normal breakfast that you eat, eat it at least one of the two days or preferably both days.  How you start your day will influence how you eat and feel the rest of the day.  Keep your dinner and snacking in check.  Make sure that you still try to eat  every 4 hrs.  If you don’t eat frequently enough you will end up starving and overindulge at your next meal.  When eating out remember to take half of the food home with you because restaurants tend to serve portion sizes that are 2-3 times bigger than they should be.  Also a good rule of thumb is to pick either dessert or alcohol, NOT BOTH!

Tip Three:  Use your free time to do yard work, house keeping, playing with your kids, or going for an extra long walk with your dog.  These are great activities that burn lots of extra calories.

Tip Four: Drinking… yup you know that you do more of it on the weekend so try alternating between water and alcohol.  Look out for the extra snacking that tends to sneak up on you while you are drinking.


I hope these tips help you survive the weekend so you don’t regain the those pounds that you worked so hard to lose all week.

Good luck and happy Wednesday