The shake weight, NOT trending in my studio!

We have all seen the infomercials for the newest fitness gadget or program.  It seems like every time you turn around there is something new.  After a client jokingly brought me a shake weight the other day I did what any trainer would do, I laughed at it.    Then I decided to make him use it in his work out to see how ridiculous it was.  So that got me thinking… what else is trending in the fitness world?  After some research I found out what people are into these days in the world of fitness.

According to’s article “top fitness trends for 2010”  by Catherine Holecko in December 2009, some of the top trends revolve around exergaming, specialty exercise classes, functional exercising, and fitness training tools found on the internet.  Exergaming includes things like the wii, EA Active and using your phone as a camera to track your movements and display them on a screen.  Specialty exercise classes trending right now include zumba, and hula hooping and these poplular classes are usually the type classes being offered at your local gym.   Functional training usually involves strength training and is designed to keep individuals fit as they age.  This type of training usually targets many areas of the body at once.  Many trainers (including myself) utilize this type of training with their clients. Fitness training tools are things like aps that  are available to download and also social media tools such as twitter that can  help with weight loss and exercise.

Other trends I am seeing include P-90x, Insanity, boot camps, and training with ropes and oversized tires and sledgehammers.  Of course there is always the ever popular yoga and pilates still out there as well.  With all the trends out there expand your horizons and go test some of them out to see what you are into.  After all, anything that gets you up and moving is ok with me!

Happy Wednesday!