This workout is not for beginners.  It was inspired by my west coast friends, so thank you to Erin and Danielle.  For a five minute workout, go through the exercises one time. You can repeat the list as many times as you want to make your workout longer.  The exercises transition well into each other making for an efficient workout.

Good luck!

-25 jumping jacks

-15 wide (legs slightly farther than shoulder width apart) squat jumps. On the 15th jump one hold the squat position for 30 seconds

-go immediately into 15 more squats (same leg position) without the jump.

-drop down to the floor and do 15 full body push ups

-10 spider mans (full plank position then bring right leg up to the outside of the right hand then back to the full plank position, then repeat on the left side and continue to alternate legs) the count is 1,1, 2,2, 3,3 etc…

-full body plank hold for 30 seconds (arms straight like the start of a push up position)

-drop down to stomach.   While keeping feet and legs on the ground put hands behind the head and do 20 back extensions (lift and lower upper body)

-flip over to your back and do 30 crunches. Hold last crunch for 30 seconds.

-hold a reverse plank for 30 seconds (with fingers facing body and legs fully extended push hips up off the floor and squeeze buttocks).   The body should be as high and flat as you can make it.

-15 tricep dips from the reverse plank position.

-flip back over and do 10 mountain climbers (plank position alternating jumping feet in between hands (similar to spider mans but leg goes inside hands rather than outside)).  Again, the count is 1,1, 2,2,,3,3, etc.

-10 squat thrusts (from a full plank position jump both feet inside to hands and back out to plank position)

-10 squat jumps.  From your final squat thrust position start in a squat and jump up in the air and return to squat position as you land on the floor.

This workout should get your heart rate up and work most of your major muscle groups.  It should take you about 5 minutes to get through the 13 exercises one time, unless you do lots of resting between exercises.

Enjoy and happy Wednesday!