This week we are going to talk about snacking. We all do it, so how do we get a handle on it when it is the diet derailer. Let me offer some advice. First of all you need to figure out what kind of snacker you are. Do you snack because you are bored? For most of us the answer is yes. Next you need to figure out when you are most likely to snack. Are you an afternoon snacker or night time snacker? Once you have figured out when you are most likely to snack and why then you can get a handle on the situation.

Next I want to offer you some tips to help you resist the urge to over snack. First of all figure out your weakness. For most it is either salty snacks or sweet snacks. If you are a salty person make sure to count out your serving size of those chips and opt for the reduced fat chips or the baked options. Then once you have gathered your snack LEAVE the kitchen area. The farther you position yourself from seconds the less likely you will be to go back and get them. If possible take your snack outside along with a book or your latest techie device. This will keep you from becoming board and wanting to go back for more snack. Try to avoid boredom. Have a list of things you could be doing instead of snacking. If you are a night snacker while the tv is on then figure out something else to be doing during those commercials. You can mute it and talk to your hubby or fold laundry. Anything to keep you busy so you don’t wander into the kitchen. If you are a sweet snacker then decide on a better option like low fat ice cream (stick to the serving size of a half cup) or opt for a skinny cow or popsicle. Both of which are lower in calories and fat than ice cream. Or try fruit with a little bit of chocolate syrup on it. YUMMY!

In any case, the key to getting snacking under control is to know when and why you are snacking, and the types of snack that are your kryptonite. Once you know that information, combat snacking with healthier alternatives in proper serving sizes and remove yourself from the kitchen at all costs. If this still isn’t working then surrender the bag of chips to someone and tell them that under no circumstances are they to give you any more since you already counted out your serving size.
Good luck an Happy Wednesday!