So, did you know there are just six short weeks until Memorial Day? There is still time to trim a little from the waist line before you have to sport those bathing suits. So lace up your shoes and get to work. This weeks post is simple. I am recommending a work out for you.
First go find a school. What you are looking for is one that has a parking lot, stairs, maybe a track and/or a playground. The next thing to do is make a workout out of it.  Let’s start with the obvious, the stairs. Run them! After that go to the parking lot do suicides and maybe even plyometrics (jumping) with the parking lot stripes.  If there are picnic tables use them. You can do tricep dips or pushups on them or even step up to the bench part. Next, you can do sprint drills at the track or back at the parking lot if there is not a  track. Finally, go find the play ground. Monkey bars are great for leg lifts and climbing or hanging (great upper body work out). Bring a friend with you and you can do it all together and as a bonus,  they can help you with pullups on the monkey bars.

The bottom line is that great workouts are all around you.  You don’t have to look that far.  Be creative and enjoy the outdoors.  In six weeks you will be looking fine!

Happy Wednesday!