As a trainer I have heard all the excuses as to why people don’t work out. I know you don’t have time, money, too tired…. blah, blah, blah! I am calling you out right now… Bologna Sandwiches, I am not buying it! Here is the deal, summer is coming and you can either start getting ready for bathing suit season or you can choose not to. It is up to you.

If you want to keep throwing excuses out there that is fine, but here is the bottom line. It is time to stop being lazy, stop making excuses, and make it happen. The key to getting the healthy body you want is knowing yourself. If you are the type of person who hates getting up in the morning then don’t say you are going to get up at six and go work out. It isn’t realistic. Or if you are too tired at the end of the day then figure something else out that fits your lifestyle.

The key is to schedule exercise into your week. Before I go to bed on Sunday night I figure out what days and what times I can exercise for the week. Now I know sometimes things pop up, but for the most part your week is 90% planned from Monday thru Friday and don’t deny it. If it isn’t then maybe the problem is you aren’t organized enough and you should start there. Once you have a better handle on your schedule then you will be able to figure out where you are going to be able to fit in your exercise. If you truly have an unexpected busy day then maybe you don’t get any formal exercise in for that day, but that doesn’t mean you get to write it off for the rest of the week. Regroup and try again and try to stay on the schedule you made on Sunday evening.

The take home message is to first know yourself and your schedule. Second, plan exactly when and where you are going to fit in the exercise. The final step is to carry out the exercise plan and put an end to all the excuses that no one is buying. The result will be a fit, trim and healthy summer body.
Good luck and Happy Wednesday!