My official winners of the Inches Away 2011 Challenge are decided. In first place, losing 8.5 inches is Rick Kamakaris. In second place, losing 7.5 inches is Katey Dietz. In third place losing 7 inches is David McKinney. I interviewed my winners to find out a little about their journey during the challenge. I am still waiting to hear back from David, but when I do, I will update the page.

I asked the winners 5 questions about their experience with the challenge.

My first question was what did you do to lose so many inches?

Rick said that he started by logging his food on the Livestrong website. He said it was easy to use, but you have to be diligent about logging. He also ran 3-4 mornings a week. He started off at an easy pace and worked up to a faster pace and longer distances. He is currently running about 4 mornings a week from 33-38 minutes per run.
Katey’s response to my first question is that she stopped eating anything over 100 calories after 7pm. She also started parking further away from buildings (such as her office, the mall and restaurants) and she started doing jumping jacks, sit ups and hula hooping during commercial breaks during primetime TV from Monday thru Friday (looks to me like someone was reading my blogs…)

My second question was what do you recommend to people who are trying to lose inches?

Rick’s advice was to get active and stick with it. He recommended making a reasonable non weight loss weekly goal. Something like running 3 times for the week rather than losing x amount of weight for the week.
Katey responded that instead of focusing on the results you should focus on making small manageable changes to your daily routine.

The third question asked what the hardest part of the challenge was for each winner.

Rick said the hardest part for him was limiting his after work snacking and “dragging his butt out of bed” so he could go running early in the morning.
Katey said her biggest challenge was limiting herself to one trip to the cookie jar a day.

The fourth question in the interview asked if the participants were planning on continuing to do what they did to keep those pesky inches off.

Rick said yes and that he was actually running a 5k this weekend.
Katey said yes because it was easy to integrate the changes she made and the changes provided results so she saw no reason not to continue.

My final question about the challenge was how do you feel now compared to when you started the challenge.
Rick said that he feels much better has more energy and his clothes fit better. He also feels more motivated to continue and it wasn’t winning that has motivated him although admittedly it was the icing on the cake.
Katey said that she feels 7.5 inches smaller! She said she can go out to dinner and not feel the need to loosen her belt.

I had one more question for Rick. I wanted to know what he was going to do with his winnings. He said that he was going to buy his wife something nice (hooray for me since I AM his wife!) and then he was going to buy himself something fun. I later learned that he bought a video game called Duke Nukem. He is also planning on buying some new clothes and new running shoes.

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the challenge and congratulate everyone who lost inches… remember it is small steps that will help you reach your fitness goals.