So you have figured out how to reduce the number of calories and grams of fat you eat.  But what you haven’t figured out is how to keep down that sodium number.  I am right there with you!  So this week’s post is going to be on sodium content for 10 random items that I am going to pull out of my refrigerator and pantry.  These are just random items that I am going to pull out… so let’s see how they go.

Item #1:  Hidden Valley Ranch, Old fashioned buttermilk (why this is in my fridge I have no idea, I don’t eat that)  Serving size 2 TBSP.  Sodium per serving: 340mg

Item #2:  Harris Teeter  Classic Dijon Mustard. Serving size 1 tsp. Sodium per serving: 110mg

Item #3:  Texas Pete Hot Sauce.  Serving size 1tsp. Sodium per serving: 100mg

Item #4: Harris Teeter  Original Whipped Light Cream. Serving size 2TBSP. Sodium per serving 0mg

Item #5:  Robusto Ragu Parmesan and Romano pasta sauce. Serving size1/2 cup. Sodium per serving 580mg.

Item #6: Heluva good Sour Cream Dip (French onion).  Serving size2 TBSP. Sodium per serving 170mg.

Onto the pantry….

Item #7: Cheez-it (reduced fat) . Serving size29 crackers. Sodium per serving 250mg.

Item #8: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (original). Serving size 1/3 of box.  Sodium per serving 580mg

Item #9: Original Bisquick.  Serving size 1/3 of a cup.  Sodium per serving size 410mg.

Item #10: Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder (healthy request) Soup.  Serving size 1 cup. Sodium per serving 410mg.

When you think about these items you have to keep in mind their serving size.  You aren’t just going to eat half a can of soup, and you are probably putting more than one serving of dressing on your salads.  So be careful with these items.  In the mean time, I challenge you to reduce your sodium in your diet.  Take the 10 item challenge in your pantry and fridge and see how it goes!