Motivation and inspiration… inspired by you!

This post is going to focus on different ways to find motivation.  Let’s start with me.  What motivates a trainer to work out and be healthy?  The first is stress management.  I am not the kind of person who likes to read to escape their problems.  For me, 30 minutes on the elliptical is a time to get mentally organized and work through things that are bothering me.  The second motivator is my wonderful family.  I want to see my girls grow up and grow old with my hubby. Then there are my friends and clients who look to me for advice about being healthy.  There is nothing like a little peer pressure to get my butt moving.  Enough about me, what motivates people who aren’t trainers to stay healthy.

My first friend who has inspired me is my friend D.   She was always heavy as a child and now as an adult she has lost a lot of weigh/ inches from her body and uses exercise (specifically running) as a way to manage her stress and get a natural high.  I always hear her talking about her runs outside.   If someone who has struggled their whole life can do it, then so can I.

Then there are my friends J, C, and T.  All of these ladies either had a loved one who had cancer or had cancer themselves.  None of these people are old enough to deal with such a large issue.  I know cancer doesn’t care if you are young, old, healthy, or out of shape, but with other diseases your fitness level has a direct correlation with your likelihood to get these diseases.  So there is some motivation right there.

The bottom line is there are things to motivate you all around. So take a second to stop and think about the people and things in your life that inspire you to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.  Remember it’s not all about the number on the scale and how you look in your favorite pair of jeans… although if that is your driving force than who am I to judge?